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What Makes optomap Unique

Field of view

Optos technology offers unparalleled views of the retina.

  • View up to 200 internal degrees (approximately 82%) of the retina at one time and in correct orientation.
  • Simultaneous view of the central pole, mid periphery and periphery
optomap versus standard FOV


Coherent laser light

Unlike full spectrum white light used in conventional devices, Optos technology incorporates low-powered laser wavelengths that scan simultaneously.  This allows review of the retinal substructures in their individual laser separations

  • Green laser (532nm) scans from the sensory retina to the pigment epithelial layers
  • Red laser (633nm) scans from the RPE to the choroid
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Red,Green and Blue Scanning Lasers Diagram

Red, green and blue lasers diagram


Integrated hardware & software platform

Once the optomap image is captured, practitioners use the proprietary review software for evaluating and manipulating the images. Adjustments to magnifications, contrast and brightness enable the clinician to enhance areas of interest and highlight fine details of the individual laser separations.  In addition, measurements, annotations, clinical notes and diagnostic codes may be added and saved with the image.